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Doms Tempera Colours 12 Shades with Gold and Silver Glitter Colours

  • Doms Tempera Colours 12 Shades with Gold and Silver Glitter Colours
  • Doms Tempera Colours 12 Shades with Gold and Silver Glitter Colours
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Doms Tempera Colours 12 Shades with Gold and Silver Glitter Colours is a smooth, bright coloured and ready to use water paint. Give wings to your kids imagination. It encourages self-expression & creativity in children.

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Elevate Your Artistic Vision with DOMS Tempera Colours - A Dazzling Palette of 12 Shades Enhanced with Gold and Silver Glitter

Step into a world of enchanting hues and sparkling brilliance with the DOMS Tempera Colours - a captivating collection that brings your artistic creations to life like never before. This palette of 12 exquisite shades, adorned with the allure of gold and silver glitter, empowers you to explore the realms of imagination and turn your visions into vibrant reality.

Key Features:

**Vivid Spectrum:** Immerse yourself in a symphony of colors that span the spectrum, from rich primaries to nuanced pastels, allowing you to express your creativity in every shade imaginable.

**Glimmering Accents:** Infuse your artwork with an extra touch of magic using the included gold and silver glitter colours, adding depth, dimension, and a touch of glamour to your masterpieces.

**Smooth Application:** These tempera colours boast a smooth and creamy consistency, ensuring effortless brush strokes and uniform coverage across various surfaces, from canvas to paper.

**Limitless Possibilities:** Whether you're engaged in painting, crafting, or creative projects, this versatile collection enables you to experiment, blend, and layer with ease, achieving stunning effects.

**Educational Delight:** Perfect for artists of all ages, including students, hobbyists, and professionals, the DOMS Tempera Colours encourage learning through hands-on exploration of color and texture.

**Artistic Expression:** Unleash your inner muse and bring your artistic visions to fruition, whether you're creating stunning illustrations, captivating scenes, or imaginative designs.

**Safe and Non-Toxic:** Crafted with the utmost care, these tempera colours are non-toxic, making them suitable for artists young and old, providing peace of mind as you create.

Indulge your senses in a world of creativity, radiance, and boundless expression with DOMS Tempera Colours. Elevate your artwork, add a touch of enchantment, and ignite your passion for painting. Order now and experience the transformative power of colour, texture, and glitter.

DOMS - The first Wooden Pencil rolled out from their manufacturing unit in 1976. Their founders and ‘great visionaries’ Late Shri Rasikbhai Raveshia and Late Shri Mansukhlal Rajani had dreamt of this Dynamic Organization Manufacturing Stationery to achieve all greater heights of ‘Stationery Products’! 

Doms Product range comprises of Wooden Graphite Pencils, Wooden Colour Pencils, Polymer-Graphite Pencils, Polymer Colour Pencils, Pencil Sharpeners, PVC free & Phthalate free Erasers, Mathematical & Drawing Instruments, Ball point Pens and a wide range of Student Art Material.




The colours are opaque when used directly
Transparent water colour effect by adding water
Smooth and Ready to Use

Free one Painting Brush

Includes Gold and Silver Glitter Colours
Ideal for small & large scale painting

Applicable Surfaces Paper
Color 12 Colour Shades
Additional Features
Features The colours are opaque when used directly
Transparent water colour effect by adding water
Smooth and Ready to Use
Ideal for small & large scale painting

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